This website has just been created and is still in progress. First we start with the music part.
All podcasts can also be played within iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and other podcast players / apps.
We are still sketching and making baby steps...
Music podcasts

One Man Jazz Band
In this episode three short jazz compositions can be heard that have never been released. This is also the intention of this podcast. It is also allowed to dance on these tracks. They may sound strange, but they are actually very common. Listen quickly to these 3 tracks, with a total length of 13 minutes.

Podcast 002

The PiRoMedia special
Our first podcast is a band from Rotterdam and Cleveland. The songs are mixed into one nice track. Half an hour of music and it's ideal for a car rid. You can also find this album on Spotify. The podcast is also suitable for headphones.

Podcast 001